Soil Penetrant, Wetting Agent and Surfactant - great for: Golf course greens, tees and  fairways, sports fields and sod farms.

  • Instant soil penetration
  • Allows for moisture penetration and oxygen-water easy access to the plant root zone
  • Provides a soil environment that allows fast root anchoring, root growth, expansion and improves microbrial activity
  • Reduces surface tension allowing easy movement of irrigation water into the root zone and soil profile
  • Prevents surface puddling in hydroseeding by moving the surface water into the soil profile to prevent erosion
  • Eliminates localized dry spots and heat
  • Moisture and nutrients are maintained in plant tissue
  • Enhances the performance and efficiency of turf chemicals and fertilizers

Application Rates:
See Label 


55 gallon drums
275 gallon totes

5 gallon pails