FLOC Water Clarification Unit - Patent Pending

  • Prefabricated Steel Water Recycling and Solid Separation tank with 15,000 gallon usable volume. ( 2” NPT fresh water connection).
  • 815 gallons per minute flow rate to help the water process and to empty the tank as needed.
  • DUAL SCRAPER CONVEYOR-for continual removal of solids from prefabricated tank, continually scrape the solids from the bottom of the tank, and dispose of the dewatered solids through the discharge chute.
  • DRY FLOCCULENT DISPENSER-system that includes stainless steel auger dispenser, steel hopper, and cabinet capable of holding one hundred (100) pounds of dry flocculent.
  • E. SETTLING TUBE INSERT-consisting of isolated tubular channels, each sloped at 60°, to expand the settling capacity constructed of individual tubes rising in the same direction to eliminate mixing currents and unstable flow patterns.
  • MANUAL START CONTROL PANEL-Fiberglass Nema 4R box with manual start control mounted to tank for ease of operation.
  • ELECTRONIC TSS METER-for continual monitoring of the level of solids in the tank prior to discharge. Manual valve will prevent the tank from accepting incoming water to allow the treated water to recirculate if the TSS levels are not acceptable for discharge.
  • TANK GRATING-Designed to cover an 8’ x 10’ section of the water recycling and solid separation tank consisting of 3/16” x 1 ½” x 3’ grating with a load rating of 10.94 pounds per square foot.
  • TANK STAIRS-Includes prefabricated stairs that will be placed at the end of the water recycling tank and will allow access to the top of the tan